How to think in English

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How to think in English

To learn English, you have to train your brain to think in English. Had we joined any institution to learn your native language, we do join English coaching centers to learn how to speak a particular language (English in our case).

The main job of the English coaching centers should be to develop our brains to think in English. Unfortunately, most of the English coaching centers failed to do so.

We will tell you some easy techniques, that will train your brain to think in English.
Firstly, you have to find out what is your level of English. I mean, are you a beginner, intermediate, or professional?

Some exercises for thinking in English:-

1. Think one word at a time

think in english

If you are a beginner, you need to practice this technique whenever you find the time. If you want to frame any sentence, first translate words from your native language to English, and then make a sentence. When we start speaking English, we want fluency from the first day, which is next to impossible.

2. Talk to yourself

Talk to yourself

Swami Vivekananda quoted it well. He said, “talk to you once a day. Otherwise, you may miss a meeting with an excellent person in this world”. Talking to yourself has various benefits, but that’s not a point here.

How can talking to yourself improve English? Talking to yourself improves your confidence, and you do not care much about how good you speak or how fluent you are. As a beginner, you don’t need to think much about speaking perfect English. You just have to build the habit of speaking and train your mind to think in English.

3. Do friendship with a Dictionary


How can you think in English until you know what something is called in English? It is necessary to have a word in mind to think in English. The more words you have, the clearer your thoughts will be.

Always have a dictionary with you. So that, whenever you want to the English meaning of any word you do not have to look too far.

4. Narrate your day

narrate your story

It is a good technique to improve your English. Describe your day and try to recall everything that you had done in your entire day. What had you done in the morning? How did you spend your day with your family? What new have you learned today?

Narrate everything either to yourself or to anybody else. It is highly recommended that you perform this task before sleeping. When you narrate your day, you force your mind to think in English.

5. Play word puzzles

play with word puzzel

Children learn the most while playing. As we grow, we become a little harsh on ourselves. We force ourselves to be always serious while learning. But that is not the right way to learn. Learning becomes easy with games. When you play word puzzles or any other game, you need to think, and this works like a booster to improve your English.


Englishvaani's words

Message from Englishvaani’s Team side:- Doing all these things for one day or two wouldn’t improve your day. Consistency is the key to learning any language you have to consistently work upon all these things. Be patient and always believe in yourself. You can do it.


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