4 Stunning Skills in Learning English language

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Struggling to learn English? Then read this.

Learning a language that is not your mother tongue is never easy. It takes a lot of hard work and constant effort.

English is a global language, and mastering it is the need for an hour. No need to worry about if you are struggling to build a strong command of this language. We will help you with it.

I will share with you four fundamental skills in learning English. The four basic skills in learning English are:

  • Reading
  • Listening
  • Speaking
  • Writing

If you want to master any language, you need to learn these four skills.

Improving English helps you do well in your studies, makes you better at work and connects you with the world.

All four skills are crucial to mastering a language. Here is why:

  • Reading makes you better at grammar and enhances your vocabulary and understanding.
  • Listening emphasizes you learn the pronunciation and better understand what is going on around you.
  • Writing will deepen your knowledge and helps you in structuring proper sentences.
  • Speaking express your thoughts clearly and build your confidence.

In this article, we will teach you incredible methods to master these four skills and become fluent in the English language.

1. Reading

Reading Skills in Learning English

If you ask any great scientist, entrepreneur, philosopher, what skill should everyone have? They will give you an answer in one voice, i.e., to read.

Reading skills could solve all kinds of problems. The more you read, the more you learn and understand that you are not alone. You learn the perspectives of people who faced the same problems in the past that you are facing now.

Reading develops an understanding of the language. It helps you learn the context, phrases and expressions, and structure of the language used in the language to read.

How to improve your reading skills?

Read more and more. Read books, read web articles, and read whatever grabs your attention.

How does reading skill help in learning the English language?

  • Your brain takes time to develop. Reading boosts the development process manifolds. Read easy books because reading easy books does not require you to know all the words of English. You can understand the meaning of the sentences.
  • Reading expands your vocabulary and helps you learn the structure of the sentences.

2. Listening

Listening Skills in Learning English

Listening is another skill that helps to learn a language. When you listen, you learn pronunciation, expression, tone, usage of words, and much more.

Listening skill is important for learning, and as Dalai Lama says, “When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something new.”

Listening helps you to understand what is going on around you.

How could listening skills help you in learning English?

  • Listen to English songs and try to understand how they are using words and the pronunciation of words.
  • Watch movies, TV shows, News and web series in English. Maybe, in the beginning, you understand nothing, but if you continue with this, things will keep getting better for you. Never give up.

3. Speaking

Speaking Skills in Learning English

Speaking is another part of learning a language. Speaking is about expressing your thoughts, what you have learned and how your learning process is going.

Where you need to put more effort and where you are doing fine.

Speaking part is often considered the toughest part of learning a language. Once you understand the basics of speaking, it takes less time to master it.

Be ready to make mistakes, force your friends to talk to you in English at a particular point in time. Make it your habit and keep practicing it.

How do speaking skills improve you in learning English?

  • When you talk with other people in English, you learn what mistakes you are committing. Join voice chats across the world and grow together.
  • Record your voice. It is one of the most effective techniques you could use. When you listen to your own voice it becomes easier to find mistakes and correct them.

4. Writing

Writing Skills in Learning English

It finds annoying sometimes to write down your thoughts in English. But, this is the most crucial skill among all the skills mentioned to learn a language.

You have to be correct with grammar when you write. Grammar plays a lesser role while speaking, but you have to be grammatically correct.

How do writing skills enhance your English learning?

  • Writing makes you write correct sentences. When you write, you try to form correct and meaningful sentences. If you make mistakes, the chances are higher that you will not repeat the mistake again.
  • Writing forces you to think and then write. You form sentences more consciously. Writing is a more effective technique than any other mentioned above.


If I sum up the above skills to improve English in one word, it would be PRACTICE. It is easy to do these things sometimes, but the toughest point is to regularly practice these skills.

Consistency is the key to learning anything, and it is equally correct for learning a language.
Englishvaani is always there to help you grow in life academically and beyond that.

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