Science vs Spirituality: Both Are the Ways to Seek Truth

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Science and spirituality both are boons to humanity and help mankind to find the solutions to deep-rooted questions. Both science and spirituality are adverse and work parallel with each other. 

On the one hand, science aims to enlighten our minds, while on the other hand, spirituality aims to awaken our hearts. They both move to achieve the common goal, to solve the mysteries of human existence. 

Considering science and spirituality as opposite fields of study is not right. Both are just the two sides of the same coin. The reason why many people consider both as contrary to each other is that one fully depends on faith and the other talks about facts.

Though both want to solve the fundamental questions of humanity and prove the existence of god to themselves through inner eyes and ears. Scientists try to prove the physical existence of god while spiritual gurus try to prove the existence of God through enlightenment and meditation.

The core question remains the same in front of both what happened at the moment of creation of god.

Few believe that human existence is nothing more than an accident and they believe the theory that says the existence of humanity is merely an accident that takes place due to the combustion of cosmic dust. But, secretly deep inside our hearts, we all believe that there is a God who is behind all these things. We want to prove that we all are part of God.


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