5 Reasons Why Grammar Is Important in English

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A native English speaker never shows interest in learning English grammar. He has natural command of English which restricts him to sit and learn English grammar to improve his communication skills. Well, if you are communicating your thoughts in English without any flaws, you can avoid learning English grammar as spoken English grammar is not much required. But we at Englishvaani believe that there is no body without a soul and no language without grammar

Here are the 5 reasons why grammar is important in English.

1. Convey correct meaning

“Let’s eat Grandma.” 

“Let’s eat, Grandma.”

Have you noticed something weird in the above two examples? Both the sentence contains the exact words, but their meaning is different, and the reason behind the change is one small Comma(,). 

You might now understand how a comma in English can change the complete meaning of a sentence. It is important to learn these small concepts of English grammar. So that you may not get embarrassed while writing an email to your boss or someone else.

2. Ensures clear sentences

The motive of communication is to deliver your thoughts to your audience clearly, and if you have a good understanding of English grammar, you can write and share your thought clearly.

A good sentence structure in the English language is impossible without proper grammar knowledge. Good use of adjectives, modifiers, and punctuations, adds value to your content and enhances the interest of your readers and listeners.

It is always beneficial to add value to learning with the help of advanced English grammar books.

3. Grammar increases your credibility

This is another reason out of 5 reasons why grammar is important in English is that if you write a document with grammatical errors, it negatively impacts your readers, and they will start losing interest in your writing. Lots of grammatical errors make your document sloppy and tag you as an unprofessional writer. 

Its long-term impact is that you lose your credibility. English language experts and professionals suggest not to commit such errors, and they are susceptible to committing grammar mistakes.

4. Error-free content better works for SEO

We are living in a digital era, and we read from the internet more than books. Every day millions of articles are published online, and in that case, it is very tough to rank an article on SERPs (Search Engine Results Page). 

A well-grammatically framed article has more chances to rank than an article with grammatical errors. In simple words, error-free content works better for SEO, i.e., search engine optimization.

5. Easy to read and understand

The end users of your content is the one consuming it. It doesn’t matter, whether you liked your content or not. What matters is whether the reader likes your content or not. If your content has lots of grammatical errors, the reader will fail to understand what you wanna say or maybe misinterpret your sentence, and there are chances that he may never consume your content again.

If you are good with grammar and clearly conveying your thoughts, the reader will like your content and may share it with their friends. It will help you to increase your audience.

The Bottom Line

I hope these 5 reasons why grammar is important in English managed to teach you the importance of English grammar. Spoken English grammar is not that important, but when it comes to writing formal content, grammatical knowledge becomes important to learn. 

We would suggest that there is nothing wrong with learning something, especially, if it is something that will help you in your personal and professional career. 

Englishvaani is always there to help you in your journey. 

Keep learning and keep growing.


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