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How to Memorize Faster and Easier for Exams?

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I am sure that you might think very often that how some people have an incredible memory and why you don’t have it. This question sometimes makes you anxious and can be seen in your results. Some people perform amazingly in exams due to their sharp memory, while the majority suffer as they don’t have such a memory. Such incidents want you to find the solution of how to memorize faster and easier for exams.

It is true that some people naturally have a good memory, but it is also true that one can develop that kind of memory with some continuous effort.

Actually, most of the time, students themselves don’t know their true potential and memory capability, and in that case, they need someone who could help them unlock their true potential.

Englishvaani is much more like your mentor who helps you get rid of all the obstacles that a student faces in his learning days. 

In this given article also, we will teach you some techniques that you can use and develop a sharp memory to perform well in exams.

Let’s begin,

1. Visualize what you are learning

Visualize what you are learning

If you want to know how to study fast. So that you can do well in exams, then the best way to learn is through visualization. One of the best techniques to learn anything is to visualize them. It is scientifically proven that humans remember better with images, and visualization helps you create an image of everything you want to memorize.  

2. Use the story technique

Use the story technique

Have you ever wondered why you remember stories better? The most common reason is that we can relate to stories. Relateable content is easier to memorize. Hence, you can use the stories technique in learning anything. If you are preparing for exams try to create stories with everything you want to memorize. This is one of the most effective techniques to learn faster for exams. It also helps you to gain confidence in your studies.

3. Learn by doing

Learn by doing

You must have observed that many teachers or people who have good knowledge about something use some gestures with their hands to teach better to their students. Hence, you can use this technique to memorize what you have learned. Try to add some hand gestures and other body movements to remember information with muscle memory. If you can’t move around, picturise yourself as you are moving.

4. Make better notes

Make better notes

If you write things down, the chances that your retention capability increases by 7 times more than only reading that. If you want to know how to learn fast for exams, the most recommended tip is to write it down. The more you write it down, the better you will remember. The repetition is also useful for visualization because to write it down, either you force your mind to think or repeatedly look at the books, which helps you feed that information into your memory.

5. Teach others

Teach others

Studies claim that teaching helps you to learn better. If you understand the importance of teaching, you are most probably solve the question of how to learn fast for exams. Teach your classmates or friends to retain the information for a longer period. Teaching makes you recall the information again and again, and consequently, you will fix that information in your knowledge.

Final Thoughts

Apply the above-mention tricks to your learning, and you will no need to find the solution of how to memorize faster and easier for exams. 

Always find the best time to study for yourself, avoid copying others’ schedules and try to make your own. It will help you with your learning and memorizing things better.

Englishvaani is always there to help you in your learning process, and we will continue to guide you in your student life.


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