How to Improve English Speaking Skills in 30 days

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how to improve English speaking skills in 30 days

improve English speaking

Are you fluent in English? Or do you want improve english speaking skills?

Fluent English speaking skill is one of the dominant skills. A good orator can speak a language fluently. Everyone with a dream to become an orator needs to improve english speaking skills. Fluent English also help you in your English career

Speaking English plays a vital role in self-growth and development.

Before improving your English speaking skills, you need to understand why to improve the English language?

Be clear with why you want to learn English. It helps you master it.

If you want to improve your control over this language. We are going to help you with it.

We have 5 highly effective tips to improve your English speaking skills in just 30 days.

In one of my previous articles, I have said that it is a myth to learn English in just 30 days. I was right then as I am right today. See, there is a difference between learning, writing, and speaking a language. All the three are different from each other. Speaking a language is much easier than writing it.

In this article, we are teaching you 5 highly effective tips to improve speaking English.

Speak Speak and Speak

english speaking skills

The most important thing is to speak. We often hesitate to speak, sometimes because of people around us or sometimes due to lack of confidence.

Here we need to understand that the best way to learn is to do that.

Speaks whenever you find an opportunity to do so. Stand in front of the camera and talk to yourself. It will boost your confidence and ability to speak.

Listen carefully

improve english language

Listen to podcasts, your favourite videos, and anything you like in English. If you are a child and likes to watch cartoon, watch them in English. It will help you pronounce better and understand the natural flow of words.

If you fail to say a word correctly, you can’t understand that properly. Listen carefully to others how they pronounce the same word and then speak that in the same way.

Think in English

practice your english speaking

The most important thing is to think in English. It plays a very vital role to speak English fluently.

When you master to think in English, it takes comparatively less time to respond in everyday conversation. It is not about becoming perfect in English, but to your thought in English with less and less effort.

tell a story in English

conversation skills in english

Storytelling is not just a skill, but it helps you speak English fluently. Telling a story not only makes you convey your words but to understands rhetoric and nuances also.

To tell a better story, you need to improve your vocabulary. There is no better way to enhance your English language and widen your vocabulary than to speak as much as you can.



The first thing is mistakes will happen. Everyone makes mistakes genius also makes mistakes, but what makes them genius is their never-give-up attitude. You will not master English in one day or month. It requires constant actions, and that’s how you or everyone wins the game. 

Make sure you practice these tips once every day. Your consistency and hard work will pay you off.

Englishvaani's Words

You will see people speaking fluent English. Sometimes it makes you nervous, and you may start thinking about giving up. Have patience in such a time and keep sharping your skills. It takes time and maybe longer than you think, but every great thing takes time. All the best!

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