Importance of English language in India

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Why English teacher is one of the best professions in India?

English teacher

English is a sign of wisdom in India. We Indians have a rich culture. We have more than 300 languages to be proud of, still, we are dependent on a language that is not an Indian-origin English language.

Let me tell you a fun fact here:

English was not even a part of our constitution. It was added to our constitution for the period of 10 years, and that was only for the official purpose.

At that time, English and Hindi were added as the official languages.

AS time passes, the English language strengthens its roots in Indian culture and has become an integral part of India. 

No government found it important to unite India by making Hindi a national language.

Apart from this, we have to accept English as an important language.

According to several reports, the number of English speakers has risen significantly in India. Today, English is being considered as a sign of wisdom, this trend is largely followed by urban people.

English medium schools

English medium schools

We want to send our children to an environment, where they can learn English easily. English medium schools are framed with this idea in mind. There are many schools, where they punish you if you talk in any other language than English. Still, parents want to send their children to English medium school.

Why do they do so?

English global language

English has become a global language. English is the most spoken language all over the world followed by Mandarin. India, where English is no more, remains just a language. It has set itself in a position, where its importance will only rise.

The point to notice here is that you don’t need to take any extra efforts to make the world aware of the importance of English.

English teaching

English teaching

English teaching can be a tremendous career option after the 12th. In such a circumstance opening a coaching institute to teach English can prove a golden decision for you. Everyone wants to learn the English language irrespective of their age, every person desperately wants to learn the English language.

In this phase, opening an English coaching centre can add wings to your career.

Today there is no shortage of students, it is the most desirable time to open an English coaching centre.

You can also check around you, many students want a genuine English coaching centre, and you can provide one for them. It is not only about them. It can become a very good source of your income. You can earn a very good amount of money from it. Many are already earning.

English teacher job in government schools

English teacher job in government schools

Not only your own English coaching centre, but you can opt for a career as a government teacher. We all know about the race of government jobs. Teaching English can give you this.

If you love to teach and want to make a career in English, then you should try this.

English teaching in a government school gives your career a boost. It is an amazing option if you want a government job. Government teachers earn a very good salary, and you can earn too.


There are plenty of careers in English like mass communication, journalism, translator and technical writer also. Learning English is a must to survive in a world which is full of competition.

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