How to Write an Article in English?

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We are in an internet era, everyone wants more in less, or you can say today’s more is less. It applies everywhere, especially on the Internet. The Millenial generation gathers most of its information through the Internet because it provides them with more knowledge in less time, and it increases the job of a writer because it obliges them to create more content in less time.

We all know today that content is the king, and being a writer, it’s the responsibility of all writers to create compelling content that can hook the reader for some time.

Now, the real question arises of how to write a compelling article in English. Nothing to worry about, we have brought you some best and easy ways how to write an article in English in no time.

Here are the 5 amazing tips that help you understand how to write an article in English.

1. Be ready with your writing Ideas

writing Ideas

The most challenging thing to overcome in writing is writer’s block. When a writer falls into writer’s block, it sounds impossible to come out of it. 

It is always advisable to be ready with your content idea list. So that you can never run out of ideas. When an idea enters your mind, jot it down in your notebook, mobile notes app, or anywhere you want, it will definitely help you write an article in English. 

Make sure you get the idea list when you need it. This activity will help you to be ready with your writing ideas.

2. Research thoroughly and effectively

Research thoroughly and effectively

Another most complicated task when it comes to how to write an article in English is research. Many writers waste all their time in research without putting a single word on the white screen.

You should know what you are looking for from your research. If you want to support your arguments with the facts, only then look for them. Otherwise, avoid such research, and frame your thoughts and ideas in simple words.

Sometimes over research works as a distraction, beware of it. We will advise you to research only in a specific period, half an hour could be enough for a 500 to 700 words article.

3. Simple is the key

Simple is the key

Writing with complicated words and sentences makes your job tough, and your audience will also lose interest after some time.

Nobody likes complication, neither in life nor in writing. In the time of the Internet, a reader’s attention span is very short. If you write tough things, there are high chances that they will move to another site. The key here is to write simple things efficiently.

4. Use bullet points in your article

bullet points

The readers enter your website for a reason, and the reason is to gather knowledge. If you share the required knowledge, only then you will manage to hold their attention for a period. It will save their time and help you to hook your audience effectively.

The second and most important positive point of writing bullet points is it increases website traffic. It happens because the search engine algorithm prioritizes articles with bullet points and subheadings.

5. Edit once you are done with writing

Edit writing

Many new writers commit the mistake that they start editing the articles while writing. It doesn’t enhance the quality of the article, but it takes you more time to finish your article.

Some great writers suggest editing after a few hours of writing as you come back with a fresh mind, and you are now out of that zone, which you were in writing.

These things will boost your writing skills, and you can meet deadlines easily.

Closing Thoughts

Bloggers, content writers, and content creators face the problem of writing more and more article under a deadline that sometimes exhaust them. Writing effectively and meeting deadlines is still a dream for many.

But not anymore, the above-listed five ways will definitely help you to learn how to write an article in English and too within the deadline.

Englishvaani is always there to help you in such circumstances. We also believe in writing quality content that can help you face the challenges more strength and increase your chances of success in the real world. With this thought, we have to sign off here. Remember, Englishvaani is always there to help you.

Keep learning, keep growing!


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