How to Find Your Passion in Life?

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You are reading this article means you are looking for something that could help you to transform your life, and that one thing is your passion. Probably, you got exhausted by the statement “follow your passion”, but you don’t know the answer to how to find your passion in life. Nobody actually teaches you how to find it. They throw you into darkness and believe you will find the way yourself.

This problem is something that almost everyone has gone through, nobody likes to do the job that they hate, but unfortunately, the majority is doing the same thing. Though they regret their decision every day. I am happy that you are not among them and that you want to do the job you love.

For some people, living their passion comes naturally. For some, it is like solving the biggest mystery of their life. The first step to following your passion is to find your passion. We have done intense research about how to know your passion in life. We have found these 5 tips to find your passion in life.

1.  Make a list of things you love doing

Make a list

Everyone loves doing something that if you ask them to do the whole day, they will perform the task without hesitation or difficulty. Ask yourself what you love doing, it could be anything. List out all the things that you love doing and then evaluate what things you happily do throughout your career. 

This activity will bring you closer to self-awareness. It may make things easier for you to follow your passion. Passion begins from knowing yourself.

2. Recognise your strength and knowledge

Recognise your strength and knowledge

There are things that you love doing and believe it is not worth making a career. Well, you solely believe it on your intelligence. People are making careers by spreading dirt online. So if they could sell negativity, your idea may be far better. 

Never underestimate your knowledge and strength. Continuously ask yourself what is my passion in life and what it takes to grow it. Once you have done it, work hard to make it a reality.

3. Keep exploring different things

Keep exploring

You will not find your passion lying on your bed. You have to work to find it. Some people believe you don’t find your passion your passion is something that you do every single day with motivation and enthusiasm. 

If you believe you are yet to find your passion, then keep doing different things. Till you hit that one thing that changes your life. Keep exploring things unless you find your passion in life.

4. Do brainstorming activity 


Put your brain to work, and it will tell you how the magic happens. The brain is the most dangerous weapon in this world. If you use your brain in the right direction, it will help you solve any mysteries. Hence, do brainstorming activities to find your passion in life also. 

List all the things you love, and then analyze more things that you can make your career passion.

5. Be enthusiastic with everything you do


Most of the time the answer to finding your passion is in front of you, but unknowingly you refuse to see it. It happens because you are so lazy to acknowledge it. Be passionate about doing anything. When you set yourself to complete any task, tell yourself that you will put your 100% into it. No matter if it will bring success to you or not, you will do the task with complete enthusiasm.


Finding your passion in life is one of the most important things in life. A study suggests that 80% of Americans hate their jobs, you may also not be happy with your job and want to do something that you love. If you know your passion then great. But, if you are still searching for your passion the above-listed tips may help you to find your passion in life.

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