Which Job is Better Government or Private?

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This is one of the most difficult questions to answer after completing formal education in India. Your parents, relatives, and neighbors start gossiping about your future and the decision you make for your future. You are the one who has to give it a final call and decide which job is better for you, government or private.

You need to understand all the ups and downs of both sectors and come up with a solution that suits you the most.

This decision is not going to be an easy one, but it will impact your future. Hence, you shall give this question sufficient time before jumping to a conclusion.

The problem doesn’t end once you decide your path. Instead, the problem begins thereon. 

It’s not like you decide and you will have the job. It takes years of consistent efforts to crack the government job and collection of degrees and skills to have a high-paid private job.

In this article, we will try to help you by segregating both government jobs and private jobs in different criteria that help you understand which is suitable for you.

1. Job Security

Job Security

Job Security is one of the biggest concerns in government jobs vs private jobs. Government jobs are 100% secure, and nobody can terminate you without a solid reason, and they need a cause of conduct violation to terminate you. Contrary to that, private jobs are not secure at all. You can be dismissed for no reason or without giving a proper reason. So, if you want security in your job, you should opt for a government job.

2. Salary


Income is the major attraction for new graduates. Nowadays, students want a high paid salary, and consequently, they choose the private sector. 

Government jobs provide security, but they don’t provide the salary that the private sector does. Government jobs are standardized in increments, and on the other hand, private-sector jobs give increments every year, or sometimes companies raise it every six months. 

While deciding which job is better, government or private, don’t forget to consider the salary system.

3. Growth


The growth of an employee in the government sector is low comparing the private sector. The growth in a government job is not only slow but limited also. It takes years of consistent hard work or patience to grow in government sectors.

The private sector works with skills. The more skillful and enthusiastic you are, the more chances you will have for growth.

4. Competition


The competition is everywhere, in every sector. Although, the demand for a government job is high, and so many students trying to get government jobs. But very few manage to get government jobs.

In the private sector, the competition is there, but it is slightly less than the government jobs. The point to note here is that those left behind in the race for jobs have to satisfy themselves with low income.

5. Work Pressure

work pressure

Which job is better, government or private? This question becomes more crucial when you see the work pressure. The workload in both sectors is almost the same. The key difference here is that government jobs evenly distribute the work pressure, while private jobs are done based on your previous contribution, which is good and bad at the same time.

6. Transfers or Postings

Transfers or Postings

In government jobs, you have very less roles in your transfer or posting. You can apply for your transfer, but whether you will get your desired transfer or not totally depends on senior authorities. 

The private sector gives you the freedom to do the job that suits you or what you love to do. You don’t have any limitations doing the work for one particular company. You can join other companies if they pay you more or you find the other company more beneficial for you.

7. Recruitment


The process of recruitment for a government job is complicated and lengthy. You have to go through many rounds of examinations, then interviews and then should wait for your results, sometimes for several months or even years.

In private-sector jobs, you don’t have to wait for such a long time. If you have the skills that the company is looking for, you can get the job within a week or fortnight. 

Final Thoughts

Which job is better, government or private? This question will always remain fresh after the final exams on the 12th. The competition between government jobs vs private jobs will always be equal. Therefore, you should remember that this decision will impact your future. Hence, take sufficient time before making this decision. 

Englishvaani is always there if you need any sort of support. We will continuously guide you with questions that will help you to make better decisions in your life.


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