How Good English Communication Helps in Academic & Career

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How does good English communication help in academics & career?

Good English communication helps in the academic & career growth of an individual on a personal and professional level. English is a global language, and a deeper understanding of English gives you an upper hand in your academics and career opportunities.

In India, the English language has its own significance, and people with good English communication skills are respected. 

Students and professionals need to learn the English language and become fluent in it for better opportunities in academics and careers.

The value of English also increases because it is the most spoken language worldwide. According to Statista, there are 1.5 billion people who speak English either natively or second language.

How does English help in academics and career?

1. More Opportunities

More Opportunities

There is plenty of great content available in the English language like books, online video content, podcasts, etc. Such knowledge increases your wisdom which leads you toward better opportunities in life. If you are a student, good command of the English language opens doors to quality knowledge for you. If you are a professional, the English language works as a bridge between your hard work and success.

2. The connection between English and the internet

connection between english and the internet

English is not important for the real world only. It is equally impactful in the virtual world. Nearly 1 billion people are typing or chatting in English. The knowledge of English communication skills gives you resources to enjoy online. Companies use the internet to do research, publish their findings and communicate with people. In such cases, English becomes very crucial. 

3. MNCs need English speaker

MNCs need english speaker

English is the official language of 59 sovereign states and 27 non-sovereign states. Many big companies set their offices in different countries, and they need English commuters to communicate with them. If you have good English communication skills, your chances of success increase significantly in these companies. Having a good command of the English language broadens your job search within your own country. Learning English speaking skills also adds value to your CV.

4. Multi-lingual are better decision-makers

Multi-lingual are better decision-makers

The knowledge of two or more languages makes you a better decision-maker. Professor of Development Linguistics at Edinburgh University, Antonella Sorace says, “Multilingual are better at making rational decisions in the second language,”. Decisions you take in another language than your mother language are usually more rational. 

5. Learning English can make you smarter

Learning english can make you smarter

Research shows that learning new languages makes you smarter. There is one concept called neuroplasticity. It means when you learn new things, your mind releases billion of neurons and expands your brain and once expand, your brain never returns to its original shape. Hence learning English communication skills definitely make you smarter. Bilingual makes your brain strong and healthy and enhances memory, concentration, and other skills. Ultimately, help you in academics and professionally.

6. Learn and earn more in English

Learn and earn more with english

English is an international language and being a student gives you exposure to some of the best literature available in the world. There is rarely any great literature that is not translated into English. It means proficiency in this language increases your loan. Learning English is very useful in earning good money. A survey claims that employees believe that learning English allows them to earn more than $5000 in a year. 


Knowledge is power, and a language that makes you more powerful is your English language. Learning Good English communication helps in academics & career makes you grow 360-degree in life. Underestimating its value deprives you of increasing at an academic or professional level.

If you have not started learning English, do not worry. It’s never too late. You can start today and grow rapidly in any field. 

Englishvaani is always there to support you. 

All the best!

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