Email Writing Skills in Students

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Being a student, writing an email seems a tough task. It might be because you have never done it before, but I am sure you are already familiar with the term Email. Email writing is not as complex as writing a book. Students think that writing an email is a tough nut to crack. Of course, not! Email writing is just a professional way of communication, and it is not a complex task to master email writing skills. Email writing skills not only help you get good grades in school but also help in your professional growth.

Email writing skills may not seem important when you are in school, but you can’t be more wrong. 

Here I want to tell you that it is more important than any other social media platform that you waste time on, as professionals do not use Messenger, Instagram, or even WhatsApp for their official communication. They use email for their formal communication. 

Learning email writing when you are in school plays a pivotal role in virtual or remote learning. We have seen that the world has shifted the way it works traditionally, people are not interested in going office for work. Every employee is interested in remote work, where he can work from anywhere in the world. Even learning has become more digitally open. During this period, it is certain that the value of email writing skills increased manifold as everything is going online now.

Here, englishvaani has brought you some easy steps that will help you score good marks in school and dominate the office world hereon.

Step 1:- Start with the effective subject line

Start with the effective subject line

Your email copywriting goes wasted if your reader doesn’t read it. Whether the reader will read your email or not largely depends on how your email subject line has been written. If your email subject line is not interesting, the opening rate of your email gets lower.

While writing an email, it is important to write a catchy headline. Your headline shouldn’t be more than 9 words or more than 60 characters. Keeping it short and catchy is the key to a more open rate.

Step 2:- Never forget to greet

Never forget to greet

The greeting is another important part of learning email writing skills. It doesn’t matter whether you are writing an email to your teacher or writing an email to your boss, start your message with greetings.

It shows your sympathy for them and generates a sense of caring. A proper greeting leaves the right impression on the receiver. You can start with “good morning sir/mam” or “greeting of the day.”

Step 3:- Be specific and to the point

Be specific and to the point

As we know, an email is not a friendly letter. It is a formal or professional way of communication. Never write a lengthy or absurd statement. A common practice to write an email is anywhere between 50 to 125 words, and the response rate of these emails is above 50%.

Hence, do not write the complete in-and-out story, be clear and specific. 

Step 4:- Highlight important things and links

Highlight important things and links

There is a high chance that a reader is not interested to read the complete messages. The reader will only scan your message, so it is your responsibility to help the reader read the important points at least. 

Highlight the important text that you want the reader to read. You can bold the text or either choose to make them italic or you can do both.

These small activities help increase the response rate of your email. It also demonstrates your excellent email writing skills.

Step 5:- End with your signature

End with your signature

The ending is as important as the closing. At the end of the email, you must add your name or your signature. It helps the receiver to know who’s the sender.

Your email writing skills show how efficiently you finish your ending. Try to end the email with positive gratitude like “I appreciate your support”, “Thanks for your help”, etc.

Step 6 Review and edit if required

Review and edit if required

The most important thing in email writing skills is reviewing. I would not say it is only important for email, but I would say it is important in every document you send or submit. 

You may have noticed top students or professionals, have this habit. They recheck twice or thrice before sending any message or document.

In email writing also, review your draft and re-edit it if required.

Closing Thoughts

Email writing is neither as tough as you think and not as simple as well. It required a good understanding of a few things such as grammar and the steps I shared with you above.

Englishvaani aims to help students across the world. We help you with everything a student needs to grow in his school life.

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