Top 5 career options after English honors

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Every student wants a fantastic career after studies. The way English has created a dominant space for itself in India, it is undeniable to say that it is the need for the hour. The craze for the English language never faded in India, even after 75 years of independence. In fact, it is the first language in many educational boards, and for the rest, it is the second mandatory language. The other amazing thing about this language is that people are now more interested to learn the English language than ever before because of the great career options after English honours. 

For those who don’t know about the best career options after English honours, this blog is for them. 

English honours is a three years bachelor’s degree course. This course is not solely for learning the English language. But it is more about learning and understanding the best literature around the world in English and decoding the purpose of that literature. It is the reason why it is also called an English literature degree.

This course will make you fall in love with English literature, though you need to read tons of literature books. The point to note here is that this course is not only about reading books but requires students to read comprehensively, think critically, and analyze what they read. 

What attracts students to this course is career options after English honours. Here I will share with you some great English honours career options to give your career wings.

1. Content writer jobs

Content writer jobs

The way digitalisation has grown in the past few years. It is not tough to understand that it is going to stay here for quite a long time. Companies understand the role of digitalisation and started grabbing the internet space. To rule in the internet world, you need content. It has opened new opportunities for English language learners. As we all know that content is king. Who can provide better content than the one who has read tons of books?

A content writing job is one of the best career options after English honours. This field is growing, and the requirement for a content writer is sky-rocketed in recent times.

2. Teacher or educator jobs

Teacher or educator jobs

There are plenty of career options after English honours, and the job of a teacher is one of them. It is not hidden from anyone how desperately people want a government job. According to the Times of India, there are more than one million vacancies available in government schools. That’s a huge number. 

If you are also asking questions like after English honours what can I do, I would say prepare for government teacher jobs. There is a huge opportunity available in government schools after completing the English honours course.

3. Journalism and mass communication jobs

Journalism and mass communication jobs

Journalism and mass communication is the best medium to communicate with a wide range of people. What could be a better language to communicate than English? There is a sharp rise in english news channels and even English youtube channels so that they can cover a global audience. 

Such job roles need someone fluent in the English language. A person with a degree in English honours must be preferred among others for this role. Hence, you can grab this growing career option after BA English honours.

4. Translator/Interpreter jobs

Translator/Interpreter jobs

The job role of a translator is to convert the existing documents written in one language to another language. Several contents are written in regional languages, but the content deserves to reach international readers. For this task, someone who has in-depth knowledge of English literature, which is there only in an English honours student. Many book publishing house needs this kind of person. 

The interpreter is the person who converts the message of one language to another language. You may have seen such an interpreter with VVIP persons, who needs an interpreter when they visit foreign countries.

Translators and Interpreter jobs are other best career opportunities after English honours.

5. You can pursue law

pursue law

What would be a more deadly combination than a person with an English honours degree and a law degree? A person who has in-depth knowledge about law and in-depth knowledge about a language as well. 

After completing the English honours course, you can make an impactful career in law. And the important point to note here is that you don’t need to go for a five-year LLB course. After three years of English honours course, you can opt for a 3-year LLB course and earn handsome money.


With these five career options, I don’t mean to say that there are only these five career options after English honours. There are many more options available once you finish your English honours course. We will bring you some more career options after English honours in an upcoming article. Stay tuned with us.

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