Top 10 High-Paying Jobs Without a Degree

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We have come a long way. From struggling to get a job after receiving a degree from a reputed college to getting a high-paying job without a degree. Time has changed. Now degree has less value in front of skills. As someone rightly said, that schooling and degrees are not enough to guarantee employment, but skills do.

If you are still who is working day and night to receive a degree and thinking that you will get a high-paying job after completing college, I am feeling sorry to say that you are living in a delusion.

If you want to want to make the best career without a degree, you need to work on your skills. For those who want to know the job opportunities without having a degree, their search ends here.

Englishvaani has brought you a collection of 10 best-paying jobs without a degree. Let’s begin

1. Ethical Hacker

Ethical Hacker

If you are someone who is in love with technology and have separate love for software operations, then this is the best job for you without a degree.

There are tons of institutes offering ethical hacker courses, and even online education portals are also offering high-quality courses on ethical hacking, and many of them are free.

If you get expertise in ethical hacking, your salary can range from 1.5 lacks to 20 lacks per annum.

2. Writer


The world has become a great platform for a writer. Gone are the days when the writer used to earn a small sum of amount nowadays, writers earn more than many government job employees. 

The growth of a writer goes manifold since digitalization takes place. Whoever wants to survive in the digital world needs content for their digital products. This demand can only be filled by a writer.

A good writer can start their writing career with a 2 LPA package. As his skill improves, his paycheque will also hike.

3. Personal trainer

Personal trainer

People are now very serious about their health. They are becoming fitness freaks. It has increased the demand for a trainer, especially a personal trainer. It is one of the best jobs without a degree. 

And it is a high-paying job as well, where you can start earning from 10K to 80k per month or even more.

4. Real Estate Agent Job

Real Estate Agent

This is another best high-paying job, but there is one issue with this job your age should be above 18. Another thing with a real estate job is that you need to complete pre-license education and should pass the real estate license examination. 

The pay range can vary, and it gives you a handsome amount after getting the job. The skill required to grow in this field is networking skills, and if you have adequate internet knowledge, it will be well and good for you.

5. Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer

If you are a creative person who loves to play with design and colors, then this job is for you. It is one of the best high-paying jobs without a degree. All you need is a diploma of one to two years and a creative mind. 

A fresher in graphic design can begin his career with a 2.5LPA package.

6. Make-Up Artist

Make-Up Artist

If you always get fascinated with beauty, then this best high-paying job without a degree is for you. All you need for this job is a natural skill and a good amount of practice. 

Initially, you will work under a skilled artist, and slowly when you start mastering the skill, you can start your own work. Once you master this skill, you can earn handsome money.

7. Website Developer

Website Developer

Nowadays, every company and every influencer wants to create a website to increase its audience. Even if you are in a college you can learn this skill with little dedication, and that too for free.

Some genuine youtube channels provide website development courses for free. After learning a website development course for free, you can earn more than 30K at the beginning of your career.

8. Bartender Job

Bartender Job

A person who loves the crowd, making new friends, dealing with people regularly, dancing, and drinking, then this job is best suited for you. This job is highly enjoyable and highly paid at the same time.

A bartender starts his career with 2LPA.

9. Social Media Manager

Social Media Manager

Maybe you are wondering how someone can earn money with social media. Managing social media is not only an interesting job but payable as well. 

There has been significant growth in social media marketing jobs in recent years. From a tiny startup to an established unicorn, everyone needs someone who can handle their social media accounts effectively. 

Hence, this is another perfect example of the best high-paying job without a degree. A social media manager can earn up to 60K/month.

10. Event Manager

Event Manager

Managing an event has become a high-paying job now. It is again one of the best jobs without a degree as it requires no qualification but managing skills. 

Corporate firms and even individuals need someone who can successfully manage their events. A person with good managing skills can earn handsome money without a degree.

Closing thoughts

We have brought you some of the best high-paying jobs without a degree. You can make an amazing career with these jobs, and no one will ask you for any sort of degree for the same. All you need is some basic skills to survive in these industries.

Englishvaani is always there to help you with it. We will continuously provide you with the best jobs without a degree so that those who are not able to get a degree from a prestigious college can also end up with high-paying jobs.


Quote of the day

“Find out what you like doing best, and get someone to pay you for doing it.” —Katharine Whitehorn

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