What are the 7 levels of Spirituality

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Spirituality is not something that helps us to find god, but it brings us closer to who we are. People things spirituality means leaving everything and moving to the mountains for sadhanas. Though it’s not like that, spiritual awakening is something that brings us closer to reality or truth. At this stage of life, the clouds of ignorance begin to dissipate and come closure to ourselves.

Hardy, there is any person who does not have any desire for spiritual awakening. Every person in this material world wants spiritual development. If you are one of them, this article is for you. We will discuss the seven stages of spiritual awakening that help us find our purpose in the material world. If you want to know how to start a spiritual journey, then keep reading. Let’s begin.

1. The stage of Innocence

The stage of Innocence

This is the first stage of the spiritual journey, and we don’t know anything about spirituality. At this stage, you are confined to health, joy and family. You are not aware of reality, and you are still very much connected with the divine from which your consciousness has just emerged. Very few people manage to continue with the divine power, and the majority of people are lost in the path and end their spiritual learning. 

2. The stage of Fear or Ego

The stage of Fear or Ego

This stage opens up the spiritual learning phase in your life. You found yourself surrounded by people holding you back and your experience that you are living on others’ mercy. You start scrambling to get out of that situation. You start pleasing people in charge and start looking for opportunities to free yourself from the herd and find ways to jump out of the situation.

3. The stage of Power

The stage of Power

In this stage of spiritual awakening or learning, you want to get out of fear and make yourself powerful through education. You taste freedom for the first time in this stage. You overcome fear to accumulate things that give you more security. 

4. The stage of Unselfishness

The stage of Unselfishness

Real spiritual learning begins when you realize that the purpose of life is not in material gain or growing power but in living your life for the growth and development of others. The negative point here is that helping others here is still ego-driven because you expect something in return that makes you feel good about yourself.

5. The stage of Seeking

The stage of Seeking

This is the most crucial stage of spiritual development as you become more passionate about learning things with a deeper understanding. The craving for enlightenment starts growing within you. You start asking a question with deeper meaning like what’s the purpose of life, why are you here, or how can you make your life more meaningful. You begin your spiritual development at this stage in the real sense.

6. The stage of Sage

The stage of Sage

At this stage, your chakras start opening, and your mind fully awakes. You start understanding that your existence in this material world is for a bigger reason, and your one act impacts a larger number of people. The fear of death dissolves as you realize that life is just another role. 

7. The stage of Spirit

The stage of Spirit

It is the final stage of your spiritual development or spiritual awakening. You have completed all the sadhanas, and now your heart is fully awakened. You start experiencing the power of the divine, you don’t believe in “I”, “me”, or “myself” anymore. You understand the power of oneness. Though you still live in this world, you don’t belong here anymore.

Closing Thoughts

It’s never been easy to give the materialistic things and understand the true potential or powers of the divine. In the beginning, material things seem everything, and spiritual development is for no use. But eventually, you will realize that the journey of salvation begins with spiritual development.

We at Englishvaani always try to help you come out of such a situation and live a spiritual life without giving up your material life.


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“You will face many defeats in life, but never let yourself be defeated.” — Maya Angelou

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