5 Best career in English after 12th Class

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5 Best career in English after 12th Class

5 Best career in English after 12th

If you are planning to make a Career in english let me tell you some facts. English is a widely used language worldwide. More than 350 million people speak English as their first language and 450 million people use it as a secondary language. English is rising all over the world swiftly. So, it becomes very important and tough as well to make a career in English.

In India, English has become the synonym of wisdom. If you don’t know English, your chances of getting a decent job are reduced significantly. It becomes mandatory to have good knowledge of English to make a career in any field.

There are some options available to make a career in English in India which you can opt to have a good life. Careers in English are shooting up magnificently and competition is also growing simultaneously. Students also have a different level of passion for this language. They are spending their time and money to learn this language.

If you are also one of them and looking to make a career in English and want to improve your english, then your search may end here. 

Here is the top 5 career option after the 12th 

1. Journalism


If you have a personality that can interact with people and create communication with them, then you should try your hands in 

A journalist shares the news and current affairs with the world. Nowadays, journalism is not limited to news channels and newspapers.

It has grown manifolds with the help of the internet. Online digital platforms like Youtube also give opportunities to those who have very good communication skills.

English simply increases their audience. English helps your content to get easily accepted by the world.

2. Mass Communication

Mass Communication

People often get confused between mass communication and journalism. They think that both are the same.

There is a difference between the duo. The purpose of journalism is to convey the news, current affairs, and day-to-day happening with a large group of people.

On the other hand, Mass communication deals with numerous fields like news, public affairs, television, advertising, the internet, films, etc. Mass communication is a broader term as compared to journalism. Mass communication is a good option for a career in English. It is one step ahead of journalism.

3. Teacher and professor

Teacher and professor

You can choose English as a teaching profession. Teaching is a secure job that can pay you a high scale income.

The teaching profession has been grown substantially. In the tough period of lockdown, all the schools and colleges are shut. People are learning from online platforms, all the teachers who are available online earn a lot of money.

Students are now keen to choose the profession of teaching. If you also want to become a teacher, English is a skill that you need to have.

4. Technical Writer

Technical Writer

This field is growing rapidly in the digital world. Earning in the field of content or technical writing is limitless. You can be even paid in dollars in this job.

A technical writer is someone who wrote technical content in English for different companies. You can also do content writing as a freelancer. Writing is a profession that gives you chance to live on your terms and condition.

5. Translator


Although English is the most spoken language in the world, still many people have a tight hand in English.

Those who don’t know English needs a person, who can translate their words to others. This is also a very high-paying job because mostly international companies or government officials need such a kind of person. They pay a huge amount of money for this job. So, if you have an interest in English and want to make a career in English, then this job is for you.


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