5 Advantages of Dictionary

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5 Advantages of Dictionary

There are several advantages of dictionary in English and Dictionary plays a very important role in the life of students. A dictionary works as your backbone when you learn a new language. We had discussed How to think in English in our previous article.

But, just imagine how could you think, if you don’t know the meaning of a particular word in English. Not only this, having a good vocabulary helps you to express your thoughts more clearly. Not only this but there are several other benefits of a dictionary.

We are living in a digital era, and you can take the benefits of dictionaries on your mobile with the help of google dictionary to take the advantage of dictionaries.

Repetition of a word makes your sentence vague and reduces your image in public. Irrespective of such things, many people don’t like to take the help of a dictionary. If you are also among them, then this article is for you. We will tell you, 5 undefeatable advantages of dictionaries in language learning.

It helps to learn deeply

Deep learning

We are in this fast-moving world where do not have time to learn. We are always in hurry! In the process of learning a language, we need to go slow. We need to understand every new word that we encounter. Learning a language is not easy, even it is not something that you can master in days, weeks, or months. It takes time, sometimes years. A dictionary helps us to learn every new word with patience.

When I was learning English, my core focus used to communicate, but I failed almost all the time to impress my English teacher because my focus is more on speaking/writing instead of learning. We want to speak English without any hustle but we don’t have the patience to learn the language we want to speak fluently from the very next day of joining any institute. This is practically not easy.

English is a language, not an essay that you can cram.

Improves Vocabulary

improve vocabularly

The dictionary helps you add new words to your list. You may read from different mediums and be able to understand the core theme of the article of the book or article. But when you choose to learn deeply you point out every single new word and try to add that word to your daily communication. A dictionary helps you in it. It gives you the meaning of the new word, which helps you to understand that word. Now you can use this word in your conversation and impress your teacher or boss.

Easy to use


Dictionaries are easy to use and have tremendous benefits. You can search words easily. If you want to know the meaning of any word immediately, use a dictionary. Dictionary is so easy to use that a child can use it without any extra effort.

Get to know all the Meaning

Easy to use

One word can have different meanings. A dictionary helps you to know all the meanings and their different uses. A good dictionary can teach you beyond your expectations. For example, a good dictionary offers you more than just a meaning, it also helps you in grammar like which word is an adjective and which one is used as an adverb, etc.

Easy to carry

easy to carry

Dictionary is a small book which you can carry with you everywhere. Any time, if you face difficulty in understanding any word, you can access your dictionary. This is my favorite Advantages of Dictionary. By the way, In today’s life, it’s not mandatory to carry a hard copy of a dictionary you can download an application of a dictionary.


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